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Dr. Kogan is a leading neurologist in New York City, offering advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques for seizures in patients from Midwood and throughout Brooklyn, NY.

Seizures Q & A

What are seizures?

Seizures occur when abnormal electrical signals from the brain cause specific unusual reactions, including dissociation, loss of consciousness, physical convulsions or tremors which can range from mild to severe. Seizures may affect one apart of the body or they may cause the entire body to shake and convulse, sometimes violently.

Are all seizures caused by epilepsy?

No, there are many conditions that can cause seizures, and sometimes, seizures can be caused by factors aside from medical conditions, like a blow to the head or a very high fever. Seizures can also occur as the result of a brain tumor or stroke, or from a significant drop in blood sugar (glucose). Viral, bacterial and even parasitic infections can also cause seizures.

How are seizures diagnosed?

Diagnosis of seizures begins with a detailed personal and family medical history to look for clues and risk factors that could make you more likely to have seizures. You'll also be asked about your behavior before, during and after the seizure, and you'll have a physical exam to assess your overall health. In most cases, testing studies will be ordered, which may include:

  • an EEG (electroencephalogram) to evaluate the electrical signaling in your brain

  • a spinal tap to determine if an infectious disease is present

  • MRI or CT scan to look at your brain

  • blood work to look for signs of infection

How are seizures treated?

Treatment depends on the underlying cause of the seizure. When an infection or other specific cause is identified, treatment will focus on getting that condition under control to determine if the seizures stop. But when a specific cause cannot be identified, anti-convulsant medications may be prescribed to bring the seizures under control. Sometimes more than one medication is necessary in order to provide relief.

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