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Ringing in the ears can be a troublesome issue for many patients. Dr. Kogan uses state-of-the-art options to diagnose the causes of tinnitus and to provide treatment and relieve symptoms in her patients from Midwood and throughout the Brooklyn, NY, area.

Ringing in Ears Q & A

What causes ringing in the ears?

Ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, occurs as a symptom of an underlying condition, which may include:

  • age-related hearing loss

  • earwax blockage

  • ear or head injury

  • changes in the bones of the ear (otosclerosis)

  • ear or sinus infection

  • circulatory disorders

  • tumors

  • atherosclerosis (“hardening” of the arteries)

  • high blood pressure

  • certain medications

Although it can be very annoying and distracting, tinnitus is a very common condition, affecting about 20 percent of adults.

What risk factors are associated with tinnitus?

Although anyone can develop ringing in the ears, it's most common among people who:

  • have had loud noise exposure, especially for prolonged periods of time, such as musicians, soldiers or construction workers

  • are older

  • smoke

  • have cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure or atherosclerosis

  • take medications like antibiotics, diuretics or antidepressants

Men are also more likely to have tinnitus compared to women.

What conditions can tinnitus cause?

Severe tinnitus can become a significant distraction, affecting the quality of life for many people who suffer from it. Left untreated, chronic ringing in the ears can cause:

  • stress and anxiety

  • irritability

  • depression

  • insomnia

  • difficulty focusing

  • fatigue

  • loss of productivity

Getting additional treatments for these disorders can be very helpful, especially when tinnitus doesn't respond to treatment immediately.

How is tinnitus treated?

The first step in treating tinnitus is to determine what issue is causing it. Treating an underlying condition is often the most effective way to eliminate annoying ringing in the ears. During your evaluation, you'll have a hearing exam and additional evaluations to determine what could be causing your symptoms. Removing earwax, treating underlying infections, managing circulation disorders or changing medication are all possible treatments. Our treatment will be based on our specific needs.

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