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As a leading neurologist in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Kogan uses state-of-the-art technology and medical techniques to diagnose the cause of numbness in patients at her Midwood office, providing treatments aimed at correcting underlying issues and providing effective relief of symptoms.

Numbness Q & A

What causes numbness?

Numbness is a loss of sensation in an area of the body, most often the hands and feet. It may be accompanied by tingling, burning or “pins-and-needles” sensations. Numbness occurs when a nerve pathway is compressed, irritated or injured, disrupting the normal signaling between the brain and other areas of the body. It may occur in just one area, or it can occur on both sides of the body, depending on the nerve pathway that's affected. Some causes of numbness include:

  • diabetes (diabetic neuropathy)

  • circulatory disorders including peripheral artery disease (PAD)

  • brain disorders

  • spine diseases and conditions including herniated discs and spinal arthritis

  • tumors

How is numbness evaluated?

Evaluation begins with a physical exam and a medical history, as well as detailed information about the symptoms you're experiencing. Tests may also be ordered, including:

  • blood tests to look for diseases and other contributing causes

  • spinal tap to evaluate your spinal fluid

  • nerve conduction studies

  • electromyelogram to test the electrical signals in your muscles

  • diagnostic imaging including MRI or CT scan

  • nerve biopsy

What treatments are available for numbness?

Treatment will depend on the cause of the numbness. When numbness occurs as a result of a herniated disc or inflammation or irritation around the spine, corticosteroid injections may help relieve inflammation so impingements are relieved. In some cases, spinal surgery may be needed to realign and fuse portions of the spine. Diabetic neuropathy may be controlled with better glucose management, and some types of numbness may be successfully treated with lifestyle changes, like avoiding exposure to toxins known to cause numbness, being more physically active or limiting alcohol consumption. Some types of numbness and tingling may be aided by medications used to treat depression or seizures. Before any treatment begins, a comprehensive examination will be conducted to determine the cause of your symptoms.

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